Monday, 11 June 2012


I got home from my holiday with Aunt Katy yesterday and no one was home, I mean, come on, I've had a long week, where's my pbj sandwich, dad?! I had to make it myself. I watched tv for a couple of hours but there was nothing on any of the channels, turned out someone had moved the dish. It was on the side of my grody old treehouse, dad built it when I was like ten and I was already too old for a treehouse, treehouses are lame, especially my one, the floor of the treehouse is like standing on a bed of nails! My dad is the worst treehouse builder ever.
Anyway, there was a repeat of an episode of Sabrina on that I really wanted to watch so I went up to get the dish, and like, my dad and Uncle Marty were in the treehouse, like, was this supposed to be a surprise or something? It didn't work. I wasn't surprised at all. They do it all the time. Half the time I'm not even sure if Uncle Marty even has a house, he might as well pay us rent for the amount of nights he spends in there.
Dad smelled like Mr Johnson's office, he smelled totally like feet. His hair looked so uncool. Ugh, he is so embarrassing! Thank god I was the only one there, 'cause like, this is me and Joanne's favourite episode of Sabrina- it's the one where Harvey falls down that hole, god, it is sooo good, Harvey is so funny. Anyway, I would have been totally embarrassed if Joanne had seen my dad playing in the treehouse. She hasn't been over for a while anyway, not since Uncle Marty cut off some of her hair for his stupid collection- SO EMBARRASSING!!!